1 Year – $6.00
2 Years – $12.00
3 Years – $17.00
4 Years – $20.00
5 Years – $24.00
1 Year – $6.00
2 Years – $12.00
3 Years – $17.00
4 Years – $20.00
5 Years – $24.00

*Membership expires 31st December each year

Registered Clubs Act


This club is by law required to keep a register containing information that relates to the management and financial administration of the club including:

  1. A list of disclosures, declarations and returns made by the governing body and employees of the club.
  2. The salary bands of the club’s top executives.
  3. Details of the overseas travel made by the governing body and employees of the club.
  4. Details of loans given by the club to employees.
  5. Details of certain contracts executed by the club.
  6. Salary details of club employees who are close relatives of a member of the club’s governing body or a top executive.
  7. Details of the payments made by the club for consultant services.
  8. Details of legal settlements made by the club with a member of the governing body or an employee of the club.
  9. Details of legal fees paid by the club for a member of the governing body or an employee of the club.
  10. The club’s annual gaming machine profit.
  11. The amount applied by the club to community development and support.


The club must prepare quarterly financial statements for the governing body that incorporate:

  1. The club’s profit and loss accounts and trading accounts for the quarter, and
  2. A balance sheet as at the end of the quarter.

Members may view the register or the financial statements or receive a copy of the financial statements by written request to the club.


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Proof of Age

Due to licensing laws, it is necessary for members and their guests to have identification, if requested, to prove they are 18 years or older when they enter the club premises. Our Door Staff can accept the following: passport, driver’s license, RTA Proof of Age Card.

Members are requested to show their card when entering the club.

Dress Regulations

Members and visitors must be clean and tidy at all times. At no time will visitors be admitted whilst wearing football jumpers, shorts, board shorts, overalls or swimwear. Shirts with offensive messages are not acceptable, nor are sleeveless shirts or singlets. Torn or frayed clothing is not permitted.

These rules apply to the tennis courts and bowling greens as well as the club in general.

The regulations require a minimum dress standard of shoes, shirt, slacks or tailored shorts with long socks.

Responsible Service of Alcohol

Club Matto has adopted the following policy which provides a framework for the responsible service of alcohol.

In order to prevent under-age access to drinking, we will require proof of age to be provided when requested.

Persons who are intoxicated will be refused admission to our premises.

  1. We will display and refer to “intoxication” signs in order to support our responsible attitude and meet the requirements of legislation.
  2. Any patron in this establishment will be denied service if they are considered to be intoxicated.
  3. We will educate our staff and patrons as part of our Duty of Care to ensure that they understand the implications and abide by our responsible service of alcohol policy.
  4. We will support and actively promote initiatives to minimize drunk driving in order to safeguard the well-being of our members and their guests.
Policy on Cheques and Credit

The law and our commitment to responsible conduct of gambling activities places limits on cashing cheques and providing credit. Club Matto will not cash a cheque or provide any form of credit.

Is gaming a problem for you?

G-Line (NSW) is a confidential anonymous and free counselling service.

Free Call 1800 633 635.